Pens to Lens Movie Posters

Cross-dressing tooth fairies! Vengeful houseplants! A secret agent worm named Double-O-Kevin! The Pens to Lens Screenplay Competition takes screenplays written by local children and transforms them into professionally produced short films and posters.

  • Pens to Lens movie poster for "A Visit from the Tooth Fairy"
  • Pens to Lens movie poster for "The Feeling of Music"
  • Pens to Lens Movie Poster for "The Brainstorm"
  • Pens to Lens Movie Poster for "Double O Kevin:The Worm with The Golden Gun"
  • Poster for "Guys for Green"
  • Poster for "Sunshine"


Pens to Lens is an annual, Champaign based K-12 student screenwriting competition for East Central Illinois; kids write scripts, filmmakers pick their favorites to produce as short films, and designers produce posters to promote the movies. The posters and films are presented to the community in a red carpet event to honor the young writers.


This is the second year that I volunteer for the organization. In addition to designing the movie posters displayed above, last year I produced programs and collateral for the event and this year I was asked to project manage and art direct all of the movie posters for the competition.

My Role

  • Art Direction
  • Project Management
  • Promotion
  • Visual Design
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration